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It’s a wrap!

Ok, so I finally got home, the funeral was splendid, with an Apache helicopter flyover to celebrate Duane’s career as a genuine war hero, good times and connections with old friends, one of whom said she was prepared to hold … Continue reading

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Going South Once Again, to complete the circle.

Back with the folks at Still Rolling Productions, I took an evening to unwind and watch some vintage films with Jonathan (Blond Ice was a favorite) then got with Tory to download notes, audio and Flipcam footage shot after they … Continue reading

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Boston; Where are you!

I never made it to Boston. Got off at the near edge instead, wobbled my way up an escalator and down another and found friends Janelle and Charlie Shuster, who took me back to their home in Wellesley and fed me soup and … Continue reading

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Back to “It’s So Small!”

— the nation’s capitol, that is. Heading into town, we drove right by the Pentagon, caught a glimpse of the 9/11 memorial, whizzed by the back side of the Lincoln and into town, waved at the White House and the … Continue reading

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First impression of DC — It’s so small!

Arrived in Falls Church late in the day and met Judy’s husband, mother and father-in-law at an Olive Garden restaurant for supper.  Judy’s mother, Lucille, was a friend and mentor to a trio of too-smart teenagers, including me, as we … Continue reading

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Norfolk; (NOR-fk)

Norfolk (NOR-fk) is delightful, what I saw of it. We landed at Colin and Julie’s house and met up with Judy Findlay, my pal from high school days, and one of the few people I can’t match when it comes to … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Points of View on the Presidency

The next day, after re-running the gauntlet, dropping off the car and stopping by for lunch and a private interview with Signe, we were off to Norfolk (pronounced, I learned, NOR-fk). All went well until we turned off I-85 onto Virginia Highway 58, … Continue reading


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