First impression of DC — It’s so small!

Arrived in Falls Church late in the day and met Judy’s husband, mother and father-in-law at an Olive Garden restaurant for supper.  Judy’s mother, Lucille, was a friend and mentor to a trio of too-smart teenagers, including me, as we were growing up. One of my fondest memories of her was sitting at the supper table late at night and Lucille wearily asking “Aren’t you girls ever going to hush?” She’s now 92 and wheelchair-bound, but her mind is still quite spry. It was delightful to see her and share memories. It was equally sweet to meet for more than a minute husband Bill and his father, Charlie. Bill’s a handsome dude with a quick mind that stays occupied designing web sites and studying all things computer. He helped me pick out the right Kindle, so I didn’t spend a chunk and got what worked best for me. This was made necessary when I finally consolidated my books carried along or acquired on the trip, and they weighed more than 40 pounds! Enough! From now on, when I buy books, it’ll be because I like the feel of the paper. And BTW, did you know that the classics, or anything out of copyright, goes for $2 or less? Many are free. First thing I ordered was Robinson Crusoe.

And I forgot to add, Charlie, a slightly addled retired aviator who has a fondness for Mazeratis and who looks and sounds eerily like President Carter. A fine bunch, and it was splendid to have time with them.


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2 Responses to First impression of DC — It’s so small!

  1. adamweaver says:

    Yes, and there are many great books for Kindle that are even free!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      I know, Adam. I’m still such a novice that I don’t really know where to look to find them, but I’m learning. All tips appreciated.

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