Today In The Garden, July 22, 2012

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Black and blue sage.

Near the garden gate and compost bin, feeding plants rabbit manure tea.

Zebra strip tomatoes, green when ripe, very yummy.

The basil continues to do well although some of it has become a little chewed on. Most likely grasshoppers.

The okra is finally making enough for fried okra every few days.

The bees have really been working the Cushaw blossoms. There are a half dozen Cushaws over 20 pounds, as many medium ones and dozens of small sized squash recently pollinated.

The Cushaw patch.

One of the larger Cushaw squash.

One of three sweet potato beds. They aren’t taking off as well as I would like. This is the first time for either one of us to grow them.

Tomatillos – the plants are loaded, and on todays menu – Chili Verde with a sauce containing, peppers, tomatillos, onions, garlic, and herbs, all from the garden.

Looking up into a pepper plant.

The eggplants are finally looking good and blooming. Now if they will just make some fruit.

More bees working the butternut squash.

A baby buttercup squash.

Looking up into the squash plants, the curly tendrils seek a hold to grab on to.

Aren’t they adorable!

This is a volunteer cherry tomato. It is keeping us in garden snacks!

And this is Sarah’s morning’s work – working up two beds and planting over 200 bush beans for fall harvest. We covered the beds with chicken wire then laid the soaker hose on top. Normally the soaker hose would be closer to the ground but there have been a few leaks here and there needing repair. Why the chicken wire you ask? There has been a creature in the garden almost every night disturbing the soil around roots – haven’t been able to extricate him yet. Everybody’s gotta eat. Sarah will lay bricks around the edges so he doesn’t get under the wire, then lightly mulch with straw.

photo credit, Thank to Sarah Denton



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11 Responses to Today In The Garden, July 22, 2012

  1. S says:

    Reblogged this on Moonmooring and commented:
    The garden at Coot’s Edge, where I spend much of my time working for Marideth Sisco, is still going strong in spite of many 100+ degree days, no rain and too much wind. Lots of mulch, soaker hoses and plenty of TLC keep it going.

  2. hosier1 says:

    I love seeing this garden and so glad I was there to see it in person. I am so proud of you and Marideth to do all of this in spite of the hot, dry weather…

    Hugs to you both, Marg

  3. I love your garden and the pictures are so evocative of the joy and pleasure that can only be found in the Earth. I have shared one picture on my facebook page, crediting Sarah and I hope you don’t mind. This poor old transplanted Ozark girl loves your garden (and you) very much indeed!

  4. mommawhitecougar says:

    Today In The Garden, July 22, 2012

    She wanders serenely smiling though the lushness, a pinch of a little bud here, a dollop of bunny fertilizer there.

    She hums sweet songs of growth and life, Ozark hymns to the soil, the seed, the summer.

    Tiny tendrils tentatively try to touch something – anything – to support their rapid race to grow, grow, GROW!

    Yellow flowers, beautiful in their own right, become something magical through their transformation into food for body and soul.

    Giant Cushaws proclaim their superiority in their pale golden magnificence.

    Green tomatoes start to blush with affection for She Who Sings. Their time will come and they await it patiently.

    Bees buzz busily, their hum a counterpoint to the song of the soil sung by the hot breeze through the trees that surround and protect this special place.

    Through it all she goes. Watering can in hand. She, the green growing garden and all of its occupants are in perfect harmony.

    Marideth is the singer. Marideth is the song.

  5. Karla Bean says:

    Fantastic garden! What kind of basil is in the picture? Tip via Debbie Slack: Sprinkle self-rising flour around your eggplants – the flea beetles that are eating tiny holes in your leaves will ingest it and explode.

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      This is Sarah here working; Genovese basil, my favorite kind. I also like Thai basil as it is slow to bolt and has an anise like flavor. And lemon basil for fun and cookies. It’s awfully hard to work with.


  6. Lois Reborne says:

    Are you sure that isn’t cudgel squash you’re growing instead of cushaw? Pretty sure you could take out any intruder with one of them bad boys.

  7. Jan Wells says:

    How do you keep the squash beetles from getting your squash? They’re a constant problem for me. Your garden is beautiful.

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