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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.

Coming Soon

Well, I know. Talk is cheap. I know I promised — online concerts , new songs and new takes on old favorites. And then there was Covid. I made it through, as most of us did, by avoiding most, if not … Continue reading

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Come Sit a Spell

Howdy. I suppose you’re wondering why I called you here today. I’ve been singing, writing and telling stories about these Ozarks hills for a very long time, collecting pieces of the culture, music, and always poignant, sometimes hilarious and often inexplicable … Continue reading

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Latest Text of “These Ozarks Hills”

“This is Marideth Sisco for These Ozarks Hills. The weather this spring, or one recent storm in particular, reminded me again of a night long ago in a land far away, when I had occasion to attend a concert in … Continue reading

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Empty Doors – Marideth Sisco and Accomplices

Shop Empty Doors is an acoustic, honest, Folk/Americana masterpiece, ringing with the rich rural roots of the Ozarks highlands’ unique musical tradition, but here taking the listener not to the past but to the roots of emotion, a place both … Continue reading

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This New Album – Empty Doors

From Sarah; I just listened to Marideth’s new album at Bandcamp where is is listed for digital purchase and it is ever so sweet! If you want to get your signed copies, or just one, check out the Squareup store … Continue reading

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These Ozark Hills; August 2016

This is Marideth Sisco for These Ozark Hills. It’s time for another episode in this long journey that starts in my head and ends on the radio, and sometimes when I’m stuck, I look over my archive of random bits … Continue reading

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Fundraiser for Carolyn Colbert

Howdy, pals. As you may or may not know, Carolyn Colbert, wife of Blackberry Winter banjoist Van Colbert, was seriously injured in an auto accident last week. She survived and will, if fortune allows, be fine. But in the meantime … Continue reading

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