Boston; Where are you!

I never made it to Boston. Got off at the near edge instead, wobbled my way up an escalator and down another and found friends Janelle and Charlie Shuster, who took me back to their home in Wellesley and fed me soup and good company. So much catching up to do after all those many years. Janele just catching her breath after 17 years at Harvard, and Charlie still slogging, but only at half-time and at projects he loves, at MIT. What an engaging pair they have become. I never knew Charlie before, but we’re pals now. We spent the weekend touring the gorgeous New England outdoors and eating splendid New England fare, while talking as fast as possible and on as many subjects as we could get to. Wonderful fun and too soon over. Caught the early train to NYC and reported in to the New York crew down on 11th Street.


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3 Responses to Boston; Where are you!

  1. hosier1 says:

    Glad you got up with Janelle.

  2. hosier1 says:

    I so wanted to kidnap you and bring you back to Greensboro…such a fun and productive trip.

    Margaret (Hosier) Underwood

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