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In These Ozark Hills, April 2015

This is Marideth Sisco for These Ozark Hills. Well, spring has come in the door, fitfully and uncertain, like a child who has done something probably bad, and doesn’t know if you know it yet. A warm day or two and then a burst of snow, and another. Rain maybe, but where it will fall too much or too little no one knows. Mother Nature is nothing if not fickle. Just like a woman, we say. Well, I’d like to say a little more about that. Continue reading

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An open thank you note from Marideth; Just a short note to friends and colleagues who worked so hard and artist friends and collectors who were so stunningly generous in making this an event to remember: There are not enough … Continue reading

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Sweet Scenes From The Long-ago

Marguerite Gentry Sisco, my mother, sometime just before or after I was born, or about 70 years ago. My dear cousin, Charlie Johnson is on the pony. Charlie left us, at age 79, about a month ago. The photos came … Continue reading

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From the Road

Monday, Feb. 25, Wilson, NC — Spent last  night in Raleigh, first at dinner with Margaret Underwood and Linda Wolf, who picked me up at the airport and took me to this mammoth steak house called The Angus Barn (I … Continue reading

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Another New Book

I have assembled another book of stories, essays and episodes from the radio series, which I intend to print and bind myself, again using that Japanese stitch that seems to hold the pages so well. It will be coming out about … Continue reading

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These Ozark Hills, 8-2012

This is Marideth Sisco for These Ozarks Hills. Since early spring, I’ve been spending lots of time out in the garden, and I thank you all for your patience while I’ve blabbed on about it. Every day amazes me, for … Continue reading

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First impression of DC — It’s so small!

Arrived in Falls Church late in the day and met Judy’s husband, mother and father-in-law at an Olive Garden restaurant for supper.  Judy’s mother, Lucille, was a friend and mentor to a trio of too-smart teenagers, including me, as we … Continue reading

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