Going South Once Again, to complete the circle.

Back with the folks at Still Rolling Productions, I took an evening to unwind and watch some vintage films with Jonathan (Blond Ice was a favorite) then got with Tory to download notes, audio and Flipcam footage shot after they left me in Atlanta. Next day at noon’ish, we held a catching up session with the whole crew and worked up a plan for what each of us might do next. All was well and I was all set to head back to DC on the morrow for more interviewing and browsing at George Washington U, when a phone call came from home. It was my cousin that I grew up with, Janice, calling to tell me her husband had been killed in an accident, and she would like me to sing at the funeral. Jonathan and I quickly juggled my schedule, cut the DC trip short by a day, and got a seat on a plane from DC to Branson, Mo, with a layover in Atlanta. Tedi picked me up at the airport and drove me to Cassville, where Janice and Duane lived, and I made it to the funeral with almost an hour to spare. I would have grieved to be anywhere else at that precious time of leave-taking. The next day, courtesy of Pat and Lois, I headed home.


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2 Responses to Going South Once Again, to complete the circle.

  1. Marideth, I was so sad to hear of your friend’s death and with your singing I am sure the transition was…if possible…easier.


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