Norfolk; (NOR-fk)

Norfolk (NOR-fk) is delightful, what I saw of it. We landed at Colin and Julie’s house and met up with Judy Findlay, my pal from high school days, and one of the few people I can’t match when it comes to travel stories. She can wield destinations like Ethiopia, India, Pakistan and South Africa without working up a sweat. We began what ended up a three-day talk, stopping only to eat and to invite Margaret’s friend Ann Dearsley-Vernon to the table for more talking. A very happy time, punctuated by evening sleepovers at the Page House, a Victorian bed and breakfast too perfect for words. Ann gave a fascinating account of her decision, with two classmates, to join the sit-in at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro. She was quick to downplay her role, which functioned to bring the action as a whole out of the local papers and into international scrutiny. She said, “but I wasn’t brave enough to go back.” She didn’t have to . The deed was done. Next, we say goodbye to Margaret, and Judy and I head for DC.


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2 Responses to Norfolk; (NOR-fk)

  1. Sarah Birch Land says:

    Documenting how one grassroots mass movement ended an ugly chapter in the nation’s history may be very relevant as another grassroots mass movement begins to coalesce to address current ills.

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