Kansas City Film Festival

Kansas City was a hoot, especially with my two little Sisco aunts attending. We met Debra in Westport and jogged down a block to have WONderful tabouil and lentil soup at the Jerusalem Cafe, then drove on downtown to the Main Street Theater, which was another mindblower. Millions of bucks in the restoration, and boy does it show. Even the restrooms were wonderful, with a – get this- a washbasin inside every stall, so you could wash your mitts in private? Anyway, the decor included lifesize portraits of the stars, with Lauren Bacall in her debutante days beckoning from the Ladies, and Bogey lounging at the Gents. And, obytheway, the movie was very well received. It was the festival opener.

Next morning, after a breakfast meeting with Debra and Jonathan, Dennis Crider came to pick me up for a quick run over to Lawrence, Kansas, where we were to meet his niece and visit her son’s film class. Hearing it was to be just a quick trip, Debra and Jonathan decided to tag along. You shoulda seen the kids’ eyes knowing they’d get to ask questions of Director Debra Granik. Had a great time, got coffee mugs and t-shirts and did a serious run to the airport to get the Granik-Scheuers on a plane. And then home. Whew. All that after four days in the studio getting the soundtrack hammered out. Busybusybusy. A break now for real life stuff, then there are the screenings. Woohoo!

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    Great blog yyou have

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