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Camp Sister Spirit

Recently I was asked by the feminist journal “Sinister Wisdom” to write a small piece on what had become of the women’s community  that called itself Camp Sister Spirit. I had known the founders for years, and had some knowledge … Continue reading

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Going Out East

The first leg started out pleasant, an unhurried drive to Branson airport, a plane change in Atlanta that involved merely strolling across from Gate 7 to gate 4 in the same terminal and grabbing a sandwich along the way, and … Continue reading

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An Evening With Bob Zellner

ON THE ROAD — Raining in Wilson, NC, where I spent yesterday evening with Bob Zellner, author of “Wrong Side of Murder Creek” and a member of SNCC in the 60s — a southern white boy getting his head beat … Continue reading

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Back to “It’s So Small!”

— the nation’s capitol, that is. Heading into town, we drove right by the Pentagon, caught a glimpse of the 9/11 memorial, whizzed by the back side of the Lincoln and into town, waved at the White House and the … Continue reading

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First impression of DC — It’s so small!

Arrived in Falls Church late in the day and met Judy’s husband, mother and father-in-law at an Olive Garden restaurant for supper.  Judy’s mother, Lucille, was a friend and mentor to a trio of too-smart teenagers, including me, as we … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Points of View on the Presidency

The next day, after re-running the gauntlet, dropping off the car and stopping by for lunch and a private interview with Signe, we were off to Norfolk (pronounced, I learned, NOR-fk). All went well until we turned off I-85 onto Virginia Highway 58, … Continue reading


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Onward to Margaret’s House!

Atlanta is a jumble  in my mind, except for some very clear images. Sitting in Barbara and Whitt’s living room amid all the art and color, playing sweet music and singing with people just met and known forever, until the wee … Continue reading

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