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From the Road

Monday, Feb. 25, Wilson, NC — Spent last  night in Raleigh, first at dinner with Margaret Underwood and Linda Wolf, who picked me up at the airport and took me to this mammoth steak house called The Angus Barn (I … Continue reading

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– this time east to the Carolinas, then north to DC, over to Charlottesville, back to DC then up to NYC for the weekend. Home Monday March 4. Those wanting to discuss, argue or just visit, though, can still reach me … Continue reading

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And Now, The Rest of the Story

3-5-11 On the Train I don’t know whether it’s the ride back, when things aren’t so novel, or I’m starting out tired and cranky, but the train ride thus far has not been nearly as much fun as the trip … Continue reading

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Post Spirit Awards

Sunday, and days behind on comments. If I don’t catch up now, I won’t remember it all. Well, first, there were the Spirit Awards. I think the general consensus is if we were going to sit all afternoon in that … Continue reading

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Two Spirit Awards

Can anybody say Woo Hooo!? … and a great write-up. Read it here from wbur.org. “”Who would’ve thought?” she marvels. “Sixty-seven years old and I’m in a brand-new career, and going to Italy, Austin, Texas, and New York. It’s not … Continue reading


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Wednesday in LA

Spent yesterday trying to get emails answered, CDs ordered and student assignment posts to work. It was a workday for Robin, and the “New York Posse” of Winter’s Bone folks spent yesterday entertaining young Hannah while mom Debra went on interviews … Continue reading

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Sunday in Paradise

The same storm that burst into the baggage car in front of me on the Amtrak Southern Chieftain and soaked half of my stuff (add your own version of gnashing and wailing here) washed the sky clean in the city of Angels … Continue reading

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