Wednesday in LA

Spent yesterday trying to get emails answered, CDs ordered and student assignment posts to work. It was a workday for Robin, and the “New York Posse” of Winter’s Bone folks spent yesterday entertaining young Hannah while mom Debra went on interviews and photo shoots. Today we’d barely gotten toast and coffee out of the way before Jonathan invited us down to join them at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. We opted instead for a lunch of Seafood Louie and grilled artichokes at the Malibu pier before catching up with them as they finished up at the market. Robin left me to go visit friends nearby, and we puttered down to the beach to see Marian Davies’ beach house, but it was closed. So we walked down the beach and back up to get my toes in the ocean (I’m all better now) and then on to the condo for supper with Jonathan, Tory, Brenda and Mo (Debra’s folks), Hannah, Phinjo and Keith. Spent the evening over good food, fruit for dessert and a wide-ranging free-for-all with politics, education and Wall Street as the main points of dis/agreement. Didn’t solve a damn thing, but it was good exercise. Then Tory and Jonathan drove me back to Thousand Oakes, which is a looong way from Marina Del Rey. And a good day was had by all. More to come. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the Roadside party. They’re our distributor and have promised a good time. But first we’re going to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Find it here on-line: or wait and I’ll tell you about it.
Still don’t have a confirmed ticket to the Oscars but the prospects are looking brighter. Stay tuned.

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