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securedownload-1_2Monday, Feb. 25, Wilson, NC — Spent last  night in Raleigh, first at dinner with Margaret Underwood and Linda Wolf, who picked me up at the airport and took me to this mammoth steak house called The Angus Barn (I know. It sounds dreadful but it’s just very, very odd). We retired to a nearby Hampton Inn for some rest, then they drove me over to Wilson, where I’m to interview my first person on this trip.
But in between, at the Hampton, I sat down on the bed, flipped on the TV, and stayed glued for about the last half of the Oscars — the part I wanted to see. And I was soooooo pleased. Jennifer Lawrence literally tripped onto the stage to accept the golden statuette. I was so pleased I coulda just popped! This girl is so gifted, I can hardly wait to see what she does next. She’s still one of the Winter’s Bone family, and just like a regular family, we’re all proud as punch. Congrats and may this be the first of many, kid. You’re a peach.
Stay tuned for more news from the road, as the search for clues to a screenplay continues. Tomorrow, it’s on to Washington. DC that is. By train. Sometimes life is just too much fun.
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4 Responses to From the Road

  1. Mary Sue Price says:

    Safe travels!

  2. Mindy Lawrence says:

    I was also proud of Jennifer Lawrence. My situation is that Jennifer Lawrence is also my daughter-in-law’s name. I have fun with that. I’m so glad that the Winter’s Bone Jennifer won last night.

  3. Constance says:


  4. mommawhitecougar says:

    I’m proud of Jennifer as part of your “Winter’s Bone family”, but I’m more proud of YOU! Gallavanting all over the place doing things that others only dream about. You do in real life what others only do in movies…you live your life to the full.

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