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Just Another Review

It’s lovely to read about someone’s appreciation of Winter’s Bone and the soundtrack. This from The Spectator Arts Blog; … “Folk music has always provided an outlet for singing through pain, celebrating the good times and knitting together a sense … Continue reading

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Post Oscar

Well, we were O for 4 in wins. Fortunately, that was never what it was about. It was about telling a true story, even if we, and Daniel Woodrell, had to make it up. The Ozarks will forever be blessed, and made immortal, … Continue reading

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It’s Over

There weren’t any wins for Winter’s Bone tonight – unless you call the four nominations wins. Sounds like a win to me. Posted via: moonmooring

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Post Spirit Awards

Sunday, and days behind on comments. If I don’t catch up now, I won’t remember it all. Well, first, there were the Spirit Awards. I think the general consensus is if we were going to sit all afternoon in that … Continue reading

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Two Spirit Awards

Can anybody say Woo Hooo!? … and a great write-up. Read it here from “”Who would’ve thought?” she marvels. “Sixty-seven years old and I’m in a brand-new career, and going to Italy, Austin, Texas, and New York. It’s not … Continue reading

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Wednesday in LA

Spent yesterday trying to get emails answered, CDs ordered and student assignment posts to work. It was a workday for Robin, and the “New York Posse” of Winter’s Bone folks spent yesterday entertaining young Hannah while mom Debra went on interviews … Continue reading

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A California Monday

Monday in California, and still enthralled by the extraordinary beauty of the place. Went for a drive yesterday in the northern valleys of Ventura county and spent a good hour trying to re-identify what I was looking at, flora-wise. Orchards of oranges, … Continue reading

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