Sunday in Paradise

The same storm that burst into the baggage car in front of me on the Amtrak Southern Chieftain and soaked half of my stuff (add your own version of gnashing and wailing here) washed the sky clean in the city of Angels and reminded me and everyone else who lives here why people moved here in the first place. On the train, the morning dawned wet and cloud-masked. But like the smoke of Mordor it all shortly blew away, leaving behind billowy puffs of cotton on a field of damask blue, and a confectioner’s dusting of snow on the deep green mountaintops. The wintry trees of Arizona were gone, replaced by an endless variety of greenery, from palms to plane trees to madrone and coast live oaks. The charming harlot that is the goddess Califia, dressed in her sunday best, is and endless feast for the senses.
One last jot of railroad coffee (not the best but way above average) and I was off to baggage, where the soggy clothing and books were discovered. I filed a claim while Robin waited patiently, and we sailed off on the Sunday-empty streets and out Hwy. 101 to Thousand Oaks.
After assessing the state of the luggage, the good news is, nothing in the clothing line appears to be hurt, and the books that were damaged didn’t include any textbooks, thank heavens. However, among the small casualties, there may have been one large one — my digital recorder was surrounded by wet stuff for an extended period and while it wasn’t actually submerged, it took on a good deal of damp. It’s still on the balcony in the sun, and I’m typing with my fingers crossed.

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6 Responses to Sunday in Paradise

  1. will says:

    hoping the best for the recorder

  2. MJ and Cecil Wayne Carroll says:

    I know this may sound crazy -but it is me, after all- when my phone got very wet they had me put it in a bag of rice in the sun for a day. I sort of had the same reaction I imagine you are but it did actually work. Ditto for the camera that took a splash from the Atlantic when I was back east.
    Have a wonderful time out there. We are looking forward to the watch party here.

  3. Paradise indeed! Marideth, your description brings such a clear picture of the beautiful west….perhaps you should go into travel writing, just as a side pursuit.
    All the best for the recorder survival and for Winter’s Bone on Sunday.

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      I’ve thought of it. I did a very long series on Costa Rica once. Great fun, both in the going and the telling.
      Thanks for your good wishes. The best part of this whole thing is the rekindling of relationships with people I’ve lost track of. You’re high on that list.

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