Two Spirit Awards

Can anybody say Woo Hooo!?

… and a great write-up. Read it here from

“”Who would’ve thought?” she marvels. “Sixty-seven years old and I’m in a brand-new career, and going to Italy, Austin, Texas, and New York. It’s not anything at all I expected.””. Read the rest here.

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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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2 Responses to Two Spirit Awards

  1. not only WOO HOOOO but a great big YEEE HAH! How wonderful! Don’t be surprised about great changes late in life – it could happen to lots of us, but we don’t all have the courage to grab it and run with it like you did.

    Desert winds blow desert sands
    Around a gnarled old tree.
    Although the air is stifling hot,
    It thrives as all can see.

    How can this ancient withered thing
    Have leaves on twig and bough?
    And how can it somehow survive
    Where nothing should grow now?

    I know that if a thing’s unseen
    Does not mean it’s not there.
    And many things may come to pass
    To those who trust and dare.

    Beneath the sand is water sweet
    But none above can know,
    This water kisses thirsty roots
    Which causes sap to flow.

    How like that tree this woman’s lot –
    Her life was shaped by care,
    Inside still beats a youthful heart –
    Take time to look – it’s there.

    Her hair is grey, her face is lined
    Her step has slowed its pace,
    But ancient wisdom fills her now
    She blooms with love and grace.

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Is this yours? It’s a beautiful piece. I feel cheated a little to have missed knowing you back then. Glad to know you now.

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