Post Spirit Awards

Sunday, and days behind on comments. If I don’t catch up now, I won’t remember it all. Well, first, there were the Spirit Awards. I think the general consensus is if we were going to sit all afternoon in that damn tent freezing our tushes, we shoulda won more. The other consensus is that if we were going to take just two, we would have chosen exactly those two, because they were so very well deserved and had not gotten nearly enough recognition before now.
And as a tacky aside, if we were going to lose out, it would have felt better to have lost to a film whose corporate sponsors Hadn’t spent $5 mil on Oscar promotion alone. But that’s just me.
As for the Spirits, the tradition has long been a giant tent (picture those behemoths they use for horse show arenas where we live), but on the beach. This year, they hadn’t figured on temps in the 40s and 20+ mph winds. All those little heaters along the sides were well-intentioned, but didn’t make a dent in trying to counter thin but elegant clothing and obligatory flesh-baring.
Enough grousing. It’s all rarified air, and a privilege to be included. The Granik-Scheuers head on to the Oscars today for the final round (and where the real money talks — and I guess I’m still grousing. Sorry).
The real pleasure in this whole West Coast effort has been the gathering of this little tribe of filmmakers, and the joyful creativity that sparks between them at every encounter. Last night we assembled with about 40 folks that have been associated in one way or another with this brave little film, at a Mexican restaurant in Santa Monica where the food and atmosphere had to compete with the sheer delight of all of us coming together. There were no losers. Thanks to Sarah for her long-distance handling of the details of this gathering, even as she puts the finishing touches on the local gathering of the homefolks.
At last report, the Woodrells will walk the red carpet, and I probably won’t. Yesterday’s experience taught me that these kinds of things are generally better on Television. There’ll be a smaller party tonight in Marina Del Rey, with a big TV and good company, and we’ll hold the good thought, along with our friends.

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4 Responses to Post Spirit Awards

  1. Margaret Underwood says:

    I am grousing with you over the money business, Marideth…I find it revolting…all the greed and the ones who are so impressed with themselves when there is not much to them when you go down deep into their souls, if they have one. I grouse over how much money professional athletes make and then some have the nerve to call them heroes…groan.

    Sarah is an amazing person and am delighted to be in touch with her.

    I am so happy you are having this wonderful experience and with your Winter’s Bone buddies….yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! A real dream of a lifetime.

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Y’just have to take it as it is, Margaret. We quoted a take-off from an often stolen quote on the invitation to the watch party in West Plains — “Hollywood is that place where, when you strip off all the false tinsel — underneath, there’s real tinsel.”
      Yes, Sarah’s a gem. And a great help to me in this dream of a lifetime. Sometimes it’s a little more than this dreamer can keep track of.

  2. Bebe says:

    I watched the Spirit awards in hopes you might be there….and I saw you in shot of the Winter’s Bone table…..EXCITING !!!!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      I guess I showed up on camera a couple times, but I didn’t know it. That’s probably best. Pretty amazing stuff, though.

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