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Empty Doors – Marideth Sisco and Accomplices

Shop Empty Doors is an acoustic, honest, Folk/Americana masterpiece, ringing with the rich rural roots of the Ozarks highlands’ unique musical tradition, but here taking the listener not to the past but to the roots of emotion, a place both … Continue reading

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Here’s a Valentine’s Day heads-up for all you fans of those Amazing Geriatric Hillbillies of Blackberry Winter Band!  We are currently exploring the possibility of a UK and nearby tour in late summer, 2013. This would include  gigs in the … Continue reading

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Last Week in the Studio

The recording is just about done. -m

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The many faces of Marideth Sisco

This from long time friend Frank Martin. “M, I have always appreciated the variety of your expressions. Everyone should have an expressive face. Of course I always enjoy your music. Hell, I just enjoy you. I often think of your … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Indoors

We applied for an NEA-sponsored overseas tour, but didn’t get it (we were one of 300 applicants for 10 slots), and then applied to be part of the Missouri Touring Artists program, for which we have a pretty good chance. … Continue reading

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Ozark Hills in the UK

MORE BAND (and Songwriter) NEWS: This happened a little bit ago, back when I had my nose to the ground, and I forgot to mention it. The Title Song for our album, “In These Ozark Hills” has been chosen as … Continue reading

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Van Colbert – SouthArts/Mid-America Arts Alliance Folklorists Retreat

Splendid Band News! Van Colbert of the famous Colbert Brothers and our esteemed banjoist, has been invited to perform on stage at the SouthArts/Mid-America Arts Alliance Folklorists Retreat April 21 in Memphis. Are you folks in for a treat. Our … Continue reading

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