The many faces of Marideth Sisco

This from long time friend Frank Martin.

“M, I have always appreciated the variety of your expressions. Everyone should have an expressive face. Of course I always enjoy your music. Hell, I just enjoy you. I often think of your years at The Quill and savor the memories. There goes Marideth: Funny to curmudgeonly to grandmotherly to outraged in the time it takes to walk the length of the newsroom. Whatever her mood, get out of her way. I am enjoying your and Dennis’ success. You both are deserving. If I knew how and had your blessing I would post these on your blog. Alas, unless Dianne shows me how. . . Perhaps you will do it for yourself. It would at least show people how beastly hot it was. I was concerned for you. Thinking of blogs, I don’t know if you are aware that Claudia Dowling directed readers of her blog to yours with the advice to pay attention to your talk to the Cassville High alumni. I too was impressed. Best, f”

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photo credit; Frank Martin 6-16-2012, Old Time Music Ozark Heritage Festival, West Plains, MO 


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5 Responses to The many faces of Marideth Sisco

  1. adamweaver says:

    You looked great up there, Marideth!

  2. Sandy says:

    Terrific photos!

  3. brenner says:

    Keeping it alive! Glad to see you on stage.
    Takes me back to the Rendez Vous when you were playing with Dinnis and Margi, A very impressionable time in my life. Thank you! I finally saw Winters Bone. It was very intense and very close to home from living in Willow Springs. Medical Meth Card? I’m not sure that would help the problem either. As a film it was spectacular and extremely inspiring for low budget cult film makers. Thanks, Brenner

  4. These are the best photos ever!! I saw Frank snapping away…what a fantastic photographer!!

  5. Carol Taylor says:

    I love these photos…makes me really miss you!

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