Ozark Hills in the UK

MORE BAND (and Songwriter) NEWS: This happened a little bit ago, back when I had my nose to the ground, and I forgot to mention it. The Title Song for our album, “In These Ozark Hills” has been chosen as theme music for at least one episode of a series produced in the UK for HBO. The series, titled “Hit and Miss” will air in the UK, then move to American TV some time later. What a kick. We’ve been doing a small but steady business in Europe as “Winter’s Bone” makes its way around the world, screen by screen. But we hardly expected this. I am blessed with the opportunity to be working again with my longtime friend, songwriter Robin Frederick. We just celebrated our first year anniversary as a writing team with virtual champagne and confetti (She’s in L.A. and I’m in the hinterland) and as a result of the HBO connection have turned our attention to a couple of pieces directed at the movie/TV  market. IMHO, they’re delicious. More to come.


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4 Responses to Ozark Hills in the UK

  1. Marcy Weinbeck says:

    Yippee! Pretty cool … always fun to go even farther around this ever-smaller globe. I have this vision of you, Marideth, with a trunkful of songs that have been hunkered down, waiting inside you for years — dare I say decades — and are now stirring and working their way to the surface. In my vision, they’re speeding up and fighting to get out, so please be careful to give them space, lest an explosion occur — which would be messy, at the least. 🙂 Always eager to hear more . . . .

  2. I am impressed! And since it’s UK-based, I’ll get to see it soonest!

  3. WhooHoo!!! What fun. I’m waiting for Use It Up to get out there.

  4. eb Blevins says:


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