Meanwhile, Indoors

We applied for an NEA-sponsored overseas tour, but didn’t get it (we were one of 300 applicants for 10 slots), and then applied to be part of the Missouri Touring Artists program, for which we have a pretty good chance. And that means, my friends who are associated with a non-profit facility or other organization in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Texas, that you can hire the band to perform and the state will pay part of our fee (60% in Missouri, 30% in the other states) so we get paid more and it costs you less. A very good deal.

Also underway are plans to turn our little recording operations into an honest-to-God record label for Ozarks area artists. Juneapple Records. Stay tuned. More to come, but the garden calls.


About yarnspinnerpress

Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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1 Response to Meanwhile, Indoors

  1. druzianich says:

    There already exists a long established label called June Appal. Yes, yours would be spelled differently but……

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