Off to Italy and Places Even Further!

After several waits — one for the passport, another for travel plans to be finalized, and now at last word from Georgia (the republic of) that they’re expecting me, the Europe/Asia leg of the year-long Winter’s Bone trip is beginning to materialize. I am Woo-Hooing all over the place. What an opportunity. What a challenge. What Eeek factor. I mean, I’m 67 years old and have never been farther away from home than a jaunt to Costa Rica a few years back.
And here I was worried that I can’t speak Italian. Hell, Georgie doesn’t even use the same alphabet! What fun.  I can hardly wait. But this wait is a good one, because it offers time to get the house in shape, pack sensibly and rest up for the trip. At least that’s the theory. What do they eat in Georgia, anyway? I’m nearly sure it’s not grits and gravy. Any thoughts?


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6 Responses to Off to Italy and Places Even Further!

  1. Deb Edwards says:

    It looks as though your needs will be met food wise. That was some eggplant recipe
    sent. I think I might try it myself and imagine that I am toasting you at all of the events
    and many people that you will see. The blog says that it is a year long tour. Does that
    mean we will greet you on your return on November 27, 2011? Take extra underwear,
    like LONG underwear. That is a cold country bout this time of year.

  2. Marideth, I hope you like beets, because there will be beets…and potatoes and beef, good stuff! Isn’t it amazing how and when things materialize? I spent yesterday driving thru Iowa countryside and listening to your new CD, very powerful. With your songs and your storytelling, you will have a wonderful time wherever in the world you travel. Have a wonderful journey and pack warm clothes!
    Judith Eastburn

  3. Margaret Underwood says:

    I would go with you, Marideth, but can’t be without grits for too long.

  4. Moonmooring says:

    And remember to take pictures of EVERYTHING!


  5. Terri says:

    What a great opportunity! Can you pack me in your suitcase? Better not try. . . I might get left behind. Have a great time!!!

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