The Saga of Euro-Asia

Well, don’t things get forever squirrelly-er. First we were going to Georgia, the republic of, and then we weren’t. Then got word it was back on again. Now we hear from the Georgians that the U.S. Embassy says no. But the State Department says they didn’t say anything. Now it turns out that the problem is with the Georgian embassy, although the film festival people evidently still think it’s us. Are you lost yet?

Anyway, our congressional folks are emailing the Georgians at their embassy in Washington as well as at home in Georgia to see if they can get it sorted out. Don’t touch that dial.



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2 Responses to The Saga of Euro-Asia

  1. Margaret Underwood says:

    Oh dear, nothing like mass confusion, Marideth, but feel sure it will work out. Maybe you should wear a bullet proof vest. I think it would be better to have this festival in a safer Georgia such as Atlanta…then people would understand when you said Howdy to them. Nothing’s easy, and I don’t trust furriners anyway.

  2. Everything is going to be okay, I promise! YOU WILL walk in FIELDS OF GOLD!

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