Marideth Sisco at Torino International Film Festival in Italy

Attention Winter’s Bone and Winter’s Bone Music fans in Europe! I will be at the Torino International Film Festival for the screening of Wnter’s Bone on Nov. 30 (and a few days before and after). I WILL BRING COPIES OF THE SOUNDTRACK CDs with me. If you can make it to town for part of the festival, or just to visit, I’d love to see you. More contact info, etc. as it becomes available.

Much is stirring here at the farm as we prepare for colder weather and get ready for the trip across the pond. And in between, no less significant, is the St. Louis International Film Festival, where Winter’s Bone will be screening Sunday night, Nov. 14 at Brown Hall auditorium on the Washington University campus. Hope to see you St. Louis fans there. I WILL HAVE WINTER’S BONE soundtrack CDs with me. I always love my trips to St. Louis, as the city is full of all things satisfyingly urban – and most of them easy to get to. I predict I’ll come back with a boatload (well, a Geo Prizm load, at least) of stuff from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s etc., and with a head full of music, art and good coffee. What’s not to like, ‘cept for traffic.
But enough of city stuff. I gotta go get more wood into the woodbox before I take off for town. It’s the Ozarks, still. Hope to see you in St. Louie, Louie.

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