CD Party!

You Are Invited!

Marideth Sisco and Friends

CD Party

Sunday, November 21, 2010  2 – 4 p.m.

Heroes Coffee, 1372 Virdon Boulevard, West Plains, MO  417-256-6220

Come alone or bring a friend, buy a CD, Winter’s Bone soundtrack, or Marideth’s book, These Ozark Hills. Take a look at Dennis Criders photography. You might want to purchase one!

Marideth will be signing CD’s and books.

Plan on schmoozing!


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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10 Responses to CD Party!

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  2. Margaret Underwood says:

    What is schmoozing?

    • Moonmooring says:

      AH ha! It is even in wikipedia!
      verb [ intrans. ]
      talk intimately and cozily; gossip.
      • [ trans. ] talk in such a way to (someone), typically in order to manipulate, flatter, or impress them.
      a long and intimate conversation.

      AND it’s not a made up word at all. It has a Yiddish background. Hmph.


      • Margaret Underwood says:

        Can’t believe I am just now reading this, Sarah! Thanks so much for the definition of Schmoozing and now I need to try to use it three times and then it’s mine…ha, ha. Merry Christmas to you.


  3. Moonmooring says:

    Hi Margaret. Schmoozing is a slang/made up word. Roughly it is a form of socializing in a large informal group.


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  6. Susan Minyard says:

    Hey Famous one!!
    I’m thinking about the CD party but can’t find Hero’s coffee or Bildan Blvd on my map quest………..can you give me a clue or two?

  7. Kelly Archibald says:

    where can i buy a copy of your CD? I live in BC, Canada. What is the name of the CD to help me find it here… Loved the music. Thank you.

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