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Apparently it’s called writer’s block. I have yet to experience that. What I do experience in relationship to writing is too much to write about, indecision about picking one of the many topics, and apathy about attempting any of the aforementioned aspects.

Too much.


Apathy. Those’d be the big 3 for me (Sarah).

I could write every hour of the day; you would know that to be the truth if you took a peek into my mind sometime. Looks like a whirling dervish in there.

What I came here for is this; Remember the CD party! Marideth Sisco will not only have the Winter’s Bone soundtrack to sell you, signed of course, but also copies of her book, These Ozark Hills! It’s almost too much to ask for. All that in one fell swoop. And of course Dennis Crider will be there along with Tedi May and Bo Brown, Billy Ward, Linda Stoffel, Van Colbert, maybe Rick Redding and no telling who else. Hopefully YOU!

Looks like the gang's all here. Billy Ward, Tedi May, Marideth Sisco, Dennis Crider. Linda Stoffel, Van Colbert.

So, back to the big 3; not sure if they apply to Mar or not but she’s been having some trouble cranking out material for the blog so you get me today.

See ya’all Sunday, November 21 2-4 p.m.!

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