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Janet Ravenleigh Redford says; It was great. A movie usually ruins a book for me; I waited to see the movie first. I have to admit I m very impressed. There were several moments that made me very emotional. The single tear Rue shed, her comment that without the weight of her brother and sister she would be lost (to drugs I thought) and the dream with the frantic squirrel darting… See More side to side with the noise of a cain saw in the background. The thought of having to sell the woods the family depended on for food, heat and solace really got to me too. Goddess, I love this country even with it’s problems. I under stand the need for a crutch under such conditions. I thought the younger children related to each other in a way that showed they were loved in spite of a less than desirable lifestyle. Alison Smith thank you very much for the tickets!!

Lois R. says; “I appreciated the panel discussions both in West Plains and Springfield. In WP, the juvenile officer and prosecuting attorney were very clear that locking up drug users and meth cookers is not proving successful. And Dr Heneger pointed out that simply controlling meth is NOT the solution either. We need to come up with better ideas. In Springfield… See More there were two young people who grew up in a meth home. They said they relied on teachers and other adults to keep them sane and ultimately to provide them with the way out of their sad sad situation.”

“I came away from seeing the film the second time with more of a sense of Ree as a hero. I see hope for the future in her courage, and in the quiet resolution of those two young folks on stage afterwards to do different than was done to them.”

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