Winter’s Bone Ozarks Screenings Update

photo credit; S. Denton, Moonmooring

We just passed the midpoint of the screening marathon, and will finish up tomorrow, so it seems time to catch everyone up on the general progress of things.

The West Plains screening was delightful in many ways, most of them related to the number of people in the audience whose faces I recognized. Wonderful, but bizarre. The movie itself hit some snags due to projector problems. Gary York was on top of it, though, and literally babysat the machine to make sure that any problem was addressed immediately. The house was packed for both showings, and tickets and money were flying back and forth up until the last minute before showtime. Exciting, I feel enormous gratitude for the turnout by the community.

Springfield was also a good experience, but just barely. Huge snafus with the audio department left us playing to another packed house with no monitors and no sound check. And then when the film showed, it was distorted horizontally, making the proportions much wider than tall. Again, it was made less dramatic by the obvious pleasure of the audience  members, who loved it.

Now Branson’s history, and it has showed us how people who take artifice seriously can show a film flawlessly. We had trouble from miscommunication with venues that were supposed to host the after-party, but they got worked out. All in all, three good evenings that tested tempers but worked out well.

On to another adventure tomorrow.

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1 Response to Winter’s Bone Ozarks Screenings Update

  1. Lois Reborne says:

    Zoni is fixing you with a severe look and sez “Since when is short and squatty a distortion of the real world?”
    PS: I thought both discussions were so great!

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