Off to New York Soon, and Don’t I have a Birthday?

Also, according to the Arkansas Gazette, Winter’s  Bone is the odds-on favorite to win the new Oxford American Prize (which will be presented in Little Rock) for Southern Films. So I guess I’m going to the awards, too. Any advice out there about what one wears to one of these things, given that I gave up dresses for Lent about four decades ago.

I did dig something out of the closet that I picked up at Sister Spirit a couple of eons ago. I described it to Jonathan as a sort of mix between Hillbilly chic and Druidic. He said a Hillbilly druid seemed like a good thing to be. We’ll see.

What with the awards and all, I won’t head home until the morning of the seventh, and then leave for New York on the eighth or early on the ninth for the New York openings. It starts with an “art” opening Wednesday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then a day off, then two openings, uptown and downtown, two shows each, where we’ll be hopping back and forth in a taxi to do the Q&A at each. Saturday is a phone date with the folks doing a film conference at Lake Placid (can’t get there in time to show up in person), then I come home — just in time for five days of intense practice with both bands for our appearances at the Old Time Music Festival on Friday, June 18.

Oh, yeah. I have a birthday in there somewhere. The 15th I think, although I think I’ll need to put it off until the work’s done.  Hm… just re-read this, and think I wasn’t very clear. Nobody really thought I was trying to claim it as my 15th birthday, did they? Nope. I’m 68, and proud to be here. Actually, I’m proud to be anywhere.


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