West Plains Premiere of Winter’s Bone

Winter's Bone crew.

photo credit; S. Denton, Moonmooring

Well, here it is the Sunday before the big event, and I’ve had to take a serious break  from the business end of things. Going in too many directions at once, with Mercury retrograde, so no help there. All things communication, in the ditch.

But Woohoo! That’s over now, and look out, here come the words, some of them intelligible.

Tickets for the WB West Plains premiere sold out in three hours! Last I heard, there were one or two tickets for the 5 p.m. show at the theater box office, but they’re probably gone by now.

Fayetteville sold out early too. No word on Springfield or Branson.

Director Debra and Exec. Producer Jonathan will arrive in West Plains just in time for the Q&A, along with Producer Anne and her too-cute bambino. The Woodrells have said they will probably be otherwise occupied, but there are tickets for them in case circumstances change. I hope to see them there to get their well-deserved applause. This was a brilliant undertaking, and Daniel was the start of it all.

Enough said, hope to see you all there at one of these wide-spread venues.

Feel free to shout Woohoo! when Van Colbert  comes on the radio or the Dennis Crider close-up shows on screen. I think you’re gonna like this.


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