Four Cities, Four Days!

Well, here it comes – the weekend of four premieres in four cities in four days. Nothing quite like it, with every venue different from the one before, even down to which musicians play, and what they might be called.

Actually, we think we’ve settled on the name for the soundtrack band, and barring last minute tilts, we’re to be Blackberry Winter. You heard if first here.

The weekend begins Thursday in West Plains, where I’ll introduce the movie at 5 and 7, and be joined by Director Debra Granik after the 7 p.m. show for Q&A. Then the panel to discuss meth in the Ozarks and an after party with food and songs by the Rounders.

Friday a.m. I zoom to Springfield for meetings with Debra, Producer and fellow screenwriter Anne Rosellini (she and Debra wrote the screenplay for WB together) and Exec. Producer Jonathan Scheuer, who has, I think, forgiven me for calling him short. He’s not short on anything important, and is, I believe, a shining example of how stature is not the same as height.

Springfield premiere is at 7, attended by a whole flock of my relatives and friends, with Q&A and discussion of how the film portrays Ozarks Culture. Then music by Rounders and Billy Ward and his band.

Saturday we adjourn to the studio to put lyrics to a rendering by Dickon Hinchliff of O Come Angel Band, and begin the narrative for a shorter piece, an Ozarks documentary on the land and the people others call hillbillies.

Then it’s down to Branson for the invitational for the local folks who participated on screen or off in the production of the film. Music and food to follow. After a Branson sleepover, we head to Springdale for another conversation and music, a quick stop at Loren Sweetzer’s family home where they’re celebrating her graduation from U of A, and on to Fayetteville for  the last showing in the series.

Whew. And all I have to do before then is pack, get the kittens to the vet for a checkup, pick up the car from the garage, and spend most of a day in Randy Story’s classes, telling stories. Oh, and pick up the computer I bought on Craigslist.

No problemo, unless it rains absolutely the whole time. Oh, and practice with the Rounders, who are already grinding their teeth over my being an hour late to the last practice. I couldn’t help it. I was finishing a newsletter and judging a Photo show. Could someone please send me about a pound of NO!s before I get myself into any more projects. Good grief.

As an aside, the West Plains ticket office was surprised to have a sell out for both shows, in 3 1/2 hours!



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