Moose Tracks

Moonmooring: “Anything you’d like to share with me? Besides a vat of tiramisu .”

Yarnspinner: “Funny you should ask. While cruising back from Columbia today after a couple of meetings, Kathleen and I decided to find and experience Central Dairy in Jeff City. The flavor I tried, Moose Tracks, is described as having chocolate covered peanut butter candy with a bit of caramel swirl. Positively indecent. Mention tiramisu to me, will you!”


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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4 Responses to Moose Tracks

  1. We have a corollary to Central Dairy here in the Niagara region; it’s an ice cream place much like the front of CD but it’s in the country and the dairy operation is around back. The ice cream sure is fresh. In the summer they put fresh local peaches in the vanilla. You can sit on a picnic table out front and watch the orchards wave.

  2. miriam johnson says:

    Eat moose tracks, not moose…take that Sarah Palin!

  3. yarnspinnerpress says:

    Haha! Mar, the funniest posts get feedback. Love it!

    OOOps it’s me Moonmooring signed in as Yarnspinner whilst tweaking the blog and checking stats.


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