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The Cushaw That Ate New Jersey

Think there’ll be some squash this winter! -m

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Summer’s Heat

SUMMER’S HEAT HAS set in, in earnest, and with it the quandary about how much and when to water, weed and tend to the equally unrelenting chores attached to keeping and growing a garden. I have recently found that, for … Continue reading

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The Cardboard Story

Or; How to Build a Garden on a Rock Pile Without Digging All The Rocks Up Use cardboard. I think this might be a bastardization of the Lasagne Method of gardening. Several weeks before you want to plant, pick a … Continue reading

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Todays Pickins’, ok maybe yesterdays pickins’!

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The Sunny Side

OH, BUT THERE is a sunny side, not that we couldn’t use a little rain. But just as the sun was setting, I went out for a last stroll through the garden and found, to my great delight, a tiny … Continue reading

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Notice a Theme? Testiness Maybe?

OH GREAT. NOW, while troubleshooting, I discovered that earlier in the spring, when a storm blew the rain barrel off its perch, something punched a hole up about the 45-gallon mark, so any water that goes in above that level, … Continue reading

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In a Nutshell

HERE’S THE DILEMMA. Because the growing medium in the bales and pots (tubs, not herbs) is smaller and isolated, and has exceptionally good drainage, it must be watered daily. The rest of the garden holds pretty well with a two-days … Continue reading

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