The Sunny Side

OH, BUT THERE is a sunny side, not that we couldn’t use a little rain. But just as the sun was setting, I went out for a last stroll through the garden and found, to my great delight, a tiny bean in the midst of some lovely lavender bean blossoms. The variety is Provider, a bush bean known for being early, productive and tasty. It’s planted in a 12-foot double row and is bringing the first green beans of the season. Beside it, another double row, is coming along about a month behind. You know what that means if you live in the country. It’s almost green-bean-and-new-potato time. Yes, there are also potatoes, just now coming into bloom. They’re a little behind the beans, but I made a pact with Pat that when my first beans come in, I’ll shuttle them over to her house where she’ll be digging her first new potatoes. And we’ll eat like kings. See that’s what all this gardening stuff is about. Sure, it gets you out into the beautiful outdoors. It gives you exercise, and a tan. But it’s really a foodie thing. And a foodie I am. You’re going to hear more about this. You probably knew that already.

Provider beans, 3 to 4 inches long today. We’ll be eating these babies in a couple days.


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6 Responses to The Sunny Side

  1. Bebe Wood says:

    Just had beans and new potatos here….a little bit south of you. YUM !!!

  2. My new potatoes came to me direct from Tesco. Sigh.

  3. hosier1 says:

    I never heard of Provider beans but I should would love to try them…hint, hint…beans, potatoes, onions and bacon make my mouth water…yum!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      I’m pretty sure there will be a heavy dose of fresh vegetables when you visit Margaret!! Providers are good producers and they will germinate in cool soil. Hence the March planting is providing fairly early green beans.

  4. linda schaeffer says:

    How does the water get into the rain barrel? Maybe it can’t be seen in the picture but is it from roof run-off?

    I started my boxes of 4X4 garden boxes three years ago when my grandson asked “where do carrots come from”? We have been growing vegetables ever since but are limited somewhat by our small subdivision yard.

    Also, can you share with us how many years it took to establish the plot we see with all the good things growing? Do you or your helpers use a lot of mulch?

    The fence panel against the t-bar fence posts is brilliant for the snow peas! Thanks for all the good ideas and your wonderful blog. Your writings make my day!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Linda, Right now the water gets in there by hose but roof runoff is in the plans, sometimes. This garden plat hasn’t been used for several years and was full of grass, rocks, and stumps until this spring when cleanup and bed building started. The cardboard and heavy mulch was a lifesaver. I’ll be making a post about that process soon. The fence panel is a “cattle panel”. It works great for all kinds of climbing matter.

      Thanks for looking in!

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