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Misc. Thoughts

Well, apart from the armadillo who’s been uprooting onions and doing a kind of bizarre Okra-tipping, and the blister beetles who would like to eat everything but are being discouraged by Safer’s Soap and loud radio music, it’s been a … Continue reading

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Today In The Garden, July 22, 2012

blah blah photo credit, Thank to Sarah Denton -m

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Notice a Theme? Testiness Maybe?

OH GREAT. NOW, while troubleshooting, I discovered that earlier in the spring, when a storm blew the rain barrel off its perch, something punched a hole up about the 45-gallon mark, so any water that goes in above that level, … Continue reading

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A Long Absence

My apologies for the long absence. I have a bad habit, when there’s lots on the fire, of just putting my head down and plowing through until it’s done. Good policy for getting one thing accomplished without interruptions, but the … Continue reading

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