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These Ozark Hills – September 5, 2014

This is Marideth Sisco for These Ozarks Hills, asking: How big is a garden? A silly and unanswerable question, and sounds like those old jabberwocky jokes that passed through in the 60s, like “what’s the difference between a duck? Answer: … Continue reading

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Howdy, or as Riders in the Sky would say, Howdy, Buckaroos and Buckarettes. Important announcement, so Listen Up. On September 13, I will be hanging out with a different bunch of folks in Jefferson City, and we all want you … Continue reading

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Musical intro to Life

OOOOh, I’m goin’ down that road fee – and then I’m not. This time stuck in a parking lot 20 miles from home. Took my truck out of mothballs and drove it down to the salvage yard to deliver the … Continue reading

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Autocide update

Auto hearse just came and picked up poor old Prizm. She’s on her way across that auto rainbow bridge, in hopes of one day becoming a coffeepot in China. Taking the truck to make it legal tomorrow. Still need reliable … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Involuntary Autocide

Well, bummer. It appears that I have inadvertently murdered my car. First there was a leak in the valve cover gasket. I knew about it, and whenever the oil light came on, I would add a quart of oil. Then … Continue reading

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Help Me Decide

Dear Pals. I need some input on a project i’m thinking about taking on. But be nice. No being a jerk. This is serious, at least to me, and I’m putting this in the form of a questionnaire. Here we … Continue reading

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A FEW MORE things about the Old Time Music Ozark Heritage Festival need mentioning, not least of which was the release of the 20th anniversary 2-CD set of performances from festivals past. Titled ROOTS: Volume 1, it contains performances from … Continue reading

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