Help Me Decide

Dear Pals. I need some input on a project i’m thinking about taking on. But be nice. No being a jerk. This is serious, at least to me, and I’m putting this in the form of a questionnaire. Here we go –

I’m considering putting together an hour or half-hour-long program of stories and songs, with guest appearances, and or show-and-tells, with a general theme of old times or music or storytelling or some such (suggestions welcome). The program (in uncut version of about 1-2 hours)  would take place before a live audience at the Yellow House. It would be edited down to an appropriate size and net cast on my YouTube Channel monthly. Here are my questions.

1. Would you watch?


2. What would you like to see or hear on such a program, and how often? (All ideas, including the absurd, will be considered)


3. Would you watch on YouTube, live and uncut at the Yellow House, or both?


4. Would you like to be involved in the production of such a program? (Be specific if possible)


5. How do you think such a program should be funded?


6. Would you consider being involved in funding or fundraising for such a program?


7. Would you consider buying merchandise such as CDs, DVDs of the program, cool T-shirts, cool hats, posters etc. to help fund and advertise the program.


You can check in at my web site: for the ongoing discussions and the results of this questionnaire.


About yarnspinnerpress

Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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8 Responses to Help Me Decide

  1. Bebe Wood says:

    Yes, I would watch. On You Tube. Possibly could purchase merchandise from time to time. Excited !

    • Phyllis Chrisman says:

      Yes, yes, yes, I would watch, anything and everything…singing, stories, interviews, commentary, guests with their own acts, stories, comments. Love the Terri Gross “Fresh Air” interviews on NPR . . . a sprinkling of something similar with your idols or people who interest you would be fun. I’m fine with YouTube. Not close enough to be any production help. Keeping in mind the whole “retired/fixed income mantra,” we’ll contribute minimally and buy cool chachkas, and would absolutely buy CD’s or MP3 downloads. Maybe “Ozarks Got Originality” night could be sponsored as a way to raise funds and promote genuine local youth talent in a variety of genres.

  2. Marideth,
    Of course I would watch, on YouTube. I would think it could be funded by state arts council organizations, but we know there isn’t a lot there to fund with now…you could set up a non-profit and ask for donations, and NPR might be interested in broadcasting it.
    What I’d like to hear? Music, and we know you can do that beautifully, along with all the people you know in that community. Your latest CD is a great example…I love it, the variety and quality of all the songs. And stories…life experiences, how things were done in the past…harvest time, for example, or cornhusking competitions (I am in Iowa). I think of how successful Storycorps (sp?) is on NPR, and that is straight human stories. Missouri must still have folks like you to tell their stories.
    I don’t know how I could help in the production of such a show, but would be interested in buying merchandise, or helping in fundraising.
    I think it is a fine idea, and wish you all the best with it!
    Judith Eastburn

  3. Yes, I would watch it, possibly both live and edited versions. I would be less likely to buy merchandise unless it was extraordinarily well done. Crowd-source funding has been working well for artists using sites like KickStarter ( I am not able to be involved in production since I am so far away and have limited time but I encourage others to get involved! This whole project sounds like a great idea. If guest musicians can’t make it to the live show don’t hesitate to produce a few one-off spots with people with whom you would like to perform. Include spoken word, song, guest performers as needed! I would encourage you to tell your whole backstory as much as possible. Re-visit your Ozark roots and your early years in music. Weren’t you a folksinger in San Francisco once upon a time?

  4. Carol Taylor says:

    Answers to questions:
    1. yes, absolutely a great idea
    2. stories from your past experiences as a musician, author, journalist, etc….and the people you met along the way
    3. I don’t do much You Tube but I could get used to it
    4/5 don’t know anything about production or funding
    6. I could donate
    7. I love all that cool stuff and would definitely go shopping!
    You have always impressed me with your energy, humor, intelligence and musicality and the more you get it out there the more people will get to know you…you go, girl….

  5. Super idea! I think there is a market for your grass roots stories and music – remeniscent of the Shamrock & Thistle, Prarie Home Companion & even Marian McPartland. I would donate, attempt to solicit donations, urge our local public radio stations to pick it us, and think Kickstarter a fine idea. While I’d love to see/hear you live at The Yellow House, or to hear you on radio, I could be proded to remember to check You Tube!

    I am logistically unavailable to help with production, would be interested in books and CDs in terms of merchandise, and very much like the idea of your including other ‘locals’ in your program. It is a way of giving back, and while I don’t always like every segment of the above-mentioned programs, my curiosity about whom they might bring in and open up my world further prompts me to stay tuned in. Also the dynamics between artist and guest make one feel they better know the artist and can add a dimension and liveliness which is charming. Marian McPartland was absolutely wonderful as a talented, gracious ‘hostess’ to her guests, which made her even more admirable. Good luck with this venture, and keep your fans posted!

  6. Anne Moody says:

    I would attend functions at the Yellow House if you are so inclined.I enjoy both the story telling and your music.

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  7. Eric Somers says:

    I think this sounds like a great project. I would hope you could both sing some songs and tell stories of the kind you have in your books. I don’t live near West Plains but I do have lots of experience producing television programs (having, in the distant past, produced fine arts network television programs), so could help in that fashion if the shooting date was a time I could make it to West Plains. And/or I could help with Post Production out here in my studio. But I expect you have some good television professionals nearer you in Missouri, also. I suggest using crowd funding to pay for the project (IndieGoGo or Kickstarter). I would look forward to seeing this project develop. It is a great idea.

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