Beans, beans and more beans

MORE ON THE garden’s progress – The beds south of the beans and such are only partly planted, with Provider bush beans, spuds, onions, lettuce etc. Still to come in those plots are horticulture beans, peppers, more eggplants, okra and the like. The garden arch is up (more recycled and bent cattle panels) awaiting the Kentucky Wonders and Rattlesnake pole beans. If time and weather permit, I’ll rehab an area adjacent to the arch and compost bin that is where an ancient and gigantic stump was burned out and has since been a catchment for clumps of fescue and barrels of rocks. Van is bringing his weed eater next week to scalp down the weeds. I’ll throw on some layers of newsprint and a little more dirt, and sow a handful of Cushaws. That’s the “shmoe”-looking squash that is the real source of canned “pumpkin” for pies. Opposite it on the west goes the cattle panel that will bear an unknown number of the fruits of butternut, buttercup and black futsu winter squash.

Lunch in the garden.


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2 Responses to Beans, beans and more beans

  1. Marideth, are those pickled onions on the table next to you? They look delicious!
    I am very impressed with the scope of your garden, and anxious to plant here in Iowa, just a bit later.

  2. Bebe Wood says:

    love the photo of you eating in the garden. how about photos of the garden esp. with the cattle panel arch !!

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