Good Mother Stollard

DON’T KNOW ABOUT outstanding, but I’ve been digging into several fields this past week, what with the myth of climate change inexplicably dragging Mississippi’s spring all the way to the Ozarks and giving us May weather before April settled in. A new garden has many steps to make it work, all of them crafted according to the specific location and its challenges. So I’ve been hauling in and laying down cardboard appliance boxes to keep out the grass and make paths between and around the beds, then following all that with truckloads of well-rotted sawdust to hold the cardboard down. Since I last visited with you, the old swing set is up, fastened with new bolts, and fitted on one side with recycled pieces of cattle panel, on the other with a handy-sized scrap of hog wire cinched in place. This morning I braved the dark expanse of the  hay barn to retrieve a pile of used binder twine that I’ll string from the panel and the wire to the “roof beam” of the swing set. A row of Good Mother Stallard soup beans will go up one side; a row of Anasaze “cave” beans (They’re pole beans. The standard Anasazi, or Jacob’s Cattle bean is a bush variety) on the other. On the garden’s northwest side, next to the Mother Stallards, is a row of peas that will be followed by late tomatoes. Opposite, in an area that in the fall will be inside the hoop house, is another row for early tomatoes. Next to that is the box bed of fine dirt and organic matter that has been sown with carrots large and small, beets, radishes and Asian greens. Yum!


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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1 Response to Good Mother Stollard

  1. Marcy Weinbeck says:

    I am awed by your ambition, planning, and follow-through, never mind just plain hard manual labor! And I’m assuming that during all this up-and-aroundness, there are words and music running through your head, to be put down whenever the garden allows you time at the computer?! Again, just in awe 🙂

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