Peregion Beans, oh yea

AND YOU THOUGHT “Surely she’s done with this garden stuff.” I heard you. Well, almost. There’s still the area, untouched as yet, on the old shuffleboard court left me by the former owners (from California, yep). Sarah kindly moved the herb pots from their winter shelter to the court’s sunny south end where they’re evidently thrilled to be, if the overflowing tubs of tarragon and oregano and the bloom buds on the sage are any indication. Next the big tubs that held tomatoes last year will be moved across the court away from the cattle panel trellis and planted to more herbs, and be replaced by bales of old hay. On the hay will grow, in potting soil, two varieties of cucumbers and yet more beans, this one called Peregion, an heirloom half-runner that pretends to be a bush bean until it explodes upward in bloom-filled vines that are far prettier than any bean should be.

All this in between and around and before and after the search for new bookings, new songs to sing, new records to make with Linda and Van, and rehearsals, writing songs, learning music software, working to restore a Peavey keyboard, master the bones, and re-learn the ukulele.  Oh, yeah, and write blog posts and a radio show. I know this is supposed to be the slow season but I’m running remarkably short on loafing time.


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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3 Responses to Peregion Beans, oh yea

  1. planthoarder says:

    I like the “garden stuff.” Hope you find time to include more.

  2. druzianich says:

    I like your line, “I’m running remarkably short on loafing time”.
    More images of your beloved Ozarks, please.
    Thanks for everything,

  3. Moonmooring says:

    Dru and planthoarder,

    I really must MAKE time to take photos of Marideth’s garden, post them and coerce her to write something about what’s going on out there. See my latest comment on “These Ozark Hills dated 4-2… ”

    I will make it my personal goal to get pics posted as soon as it rains OR when I have some loafing time!

    Marideth’s guru

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