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This review of the Winter’s Bone soundtrack has recently come to our attention. For a while there in 2010 and early 2011 it was all we could do to keep up with those reviews. They are still coming at us although not quite a fast.

From Victory Music; “Blackberry Winter, on a scale with Bluegrass at one end and old timey at the other, leans toward less coffee and a somewhat relaxed beat for old favorites. Whether it’s a time honored hymn or the traditional “Fair and Tender Ladies,” Marideth Sisco and the band set a fine tone. The focus seems to be on the joy of or need for singing these songs. The musicians spent a fair amount of time picking out melody and classic harmony lines, and that resonates. Van Colbert’s singing on “On a Hill Lone and Gray” is about as plain as a gospel vocal can be, and twice as sincere for that effort. The frailing banjo sets the right background. The wonderful “Farther Along” is another reminder of the role religious music plays for these families. A second rendition of this song is backed by go-to-church-meeting piano.” Read the entire article here.


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7 Responses to From Victory Music

  1. Sandy says:

    What Marideth in her modesty omitted…

    “The majority of the tracks are sung by Marideth Sisco and the band Blackberry Winter. Marideth has also gathered a following as a radio journalist for her family’s roots in the Ozark hills. As the singer of choice, two phrases describe Marideth’s approach: ease of singing and tons of authenticity. She has a lovely voice too. The movie benefits from her simple, understated delivery. She sings “Missouri Waltz” unmistakably and sweetly as a lullaby. The child she is singing to is more important than any movie audience. There’s no competition here. Published in 1914, this song apparently had a sleepy history itself until it was selected as Missouri’s state song in 1949. If there’s any closer comparison between the two movies, it is this: Marideth is the Ralph Stanley of this one.”

    Yep, well deserved praise! Keep ’em comin’.

  2. Lois Reborne says:

    Check off on yr bucket list – Be favorably compared to Ralph Stanley.

  3. druzianich says:

    Victory Music
    Victory Music has maintained a strong commitment to local musicians since its inception in 1969. In addition to providing performance and networking opportunities at our Open Mics, we have published the Victory Review since 1974. This magazine contains acoustic music reviews of CDs from the world over; columns and features on Northwest musicians; and a calendar of NW acoustic music events.
    A wonderful organization supporting acoustic folk, jazz and blues.

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