The Amazing Geriatric Hillbilly US World Tour, Page 20 – On the Road again.

This time the gang meets at my house early on Sunday morning and we head out, east this time, for our first show — in Nashville. Little Rock, our projected first gig, had been cancelled right after Austin amid vague claims of remodeling problems, We suspect it’s really because of low advance ticket sales, which we hope we’ve fixed with the new poster, which has been sent to all the venues. So with high hopes but sober expectations we tackle Music City our first night out, stopping by on the way in to say hi to Athena and the Parthenon. The venue, appropriately titled “The End,” is another indie rock club, complete with solid black interior, questionable hygiene and graffiti-covered green room walls. But the sound is good, the crowd reasonable and you can get onto the stage without a ladder, so I’m happy. Bo’s long-time friend Pat Jackson puts the bunch of us up for the night in his spacious home and entertains us with stories of life on the road. We leave for Atlanta well fed and talked out from the generous, jovial company. And a song we’ll probably steal at first opportunity. More to come.


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