The Amazing Geriiatric Hillbilly US World Tour, Page 19 — The land between the tours

Almost upon alighting from the car, Sarah was off to Calico Rock to check on house, dogs and house-sitter, and I was on the phone trying to clear up glitches in the CD order and order new posters to replace the ones originally sent out, that had failed to effectively publicize who we were and why people should come see us. Graphic artist Mat Crouse responded with speed, talent and skill and we were beginning to contact venues with the new material before week’s end. Shortly before we got home from the first half we got the news that the CD order from Diskmakers would not arrive before we headed out on the second half of the tour. So I contacted a CD duplication manufacturer in Springfield and ordered 200 dupes, which they said we could have for Saturday at the festival, provided we could get the master recording and the artwork to them within 24 hours. It was a long wait. Then it was the weekend and our performance at the Old Time Music Ozarks Heritage Festival in West Plains. The crowd was good, the weather tolerable and enthusiasm high, for we had gotten the CD Master and artwork in on time, and Bo arrived with brand new CDs for sale. We gave a solid performance and sold 47 CDs in less than an hour. Life is good. Another week of rest, if you can call scrambling to cover all possible eventualities resting, and it’s back on our heads.


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