The Amazing Geriatric Hillbilly US World Tour, page 7

We are about to cross the border between Utah and Idaho. We just passed the point where the two ends of the transcontinental railroad came together. It was indistinguishable from all the rest of the low sagebrush topped mountains and dry upland fields that stretched to the horizon on all sides. The bottomland fields are planting in grass or possibly just harvested wheat. others, stretching what seems too far up the hills, are disked but unplanted, or at least unsprouted. There are few house places, but frequent sheep camps. It is the earliest of springs here and the broadest of views. Some irrigation is underway and cattle graze the grassland or glean wheat from the stubble as we near the Idaho line. In the distance a trio of trucks dust a field of maybe 300 acres with lime or maybe fertilizer.The fields between the mountains are vast. It is a country spare but splendid. Again within a few hundred yards of the state line, there are changes in the terrain. More sagebrush and uncultivated fields, more juniper, more cattle.

So, how’s the tour going, Marideth?

Well, I”ll tell you. Denver was a wash. Very little publicity led to an equally sparse crowd, but those who did come had a good time. The Orlikowskis and the Burks were in attendance, all with Ozarks connections and we were very happy to see them. Despite the small attendance, the folks at the High Dive fed us well, treated us graciously and provided us with excellent sound. The Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City was all that and more, with a cozy if not ample audience and tremendous enthusiasm for the show. Translation: they came to see us and they loved us. We were especially happy to be graced with a surprise visit from Sarah’s parents, Ken and Ebie Blevins, who drove the 180 miles up from Marysville, in southern Utah, just to have supper with us and enjoy the show. Today we’re off to Boise to see old friends and play (and stay) at the Modern Hotel. Unlike yesterday’s marathon highway day, today is more of a sprint, only 5 hours or so, and we’ll have time for shopping, banking, resting and visiting. The day started off extremely well, when we unexpectedly met a couple of wandering Ozarkers from Monett, Mo., and sold two CDs in the parking lot of the motel before we had traveled 20 feet. Looks like a good day. More to come.`


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4 Responses to The Amazing Geriatric Hillbilly US World Tour, page 7

  1. Ina says:

    So glad to hear Salt Lake treated you well, especially being a ex-Utahn.

  2. julie says:

    Sounds like you’re having a good time. Glad to hear it. I’m trying to get my sister and dad out to the show you’ll be doing in LA. I forwarded the LA Times article, with your name highlighted, to them via a friend who actually knows how to use a computer (Dad and Jani are both computer illiterate, in spite of the fact that they have a shiny new Mac.) So we’ll see if they make it to the show. It’s a bit of a drive from Ventura, with heavy traffic, usually, but they’re often up for things like that, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Susan Shillito says:

    Well, Denver just doesn’t know what they missed!! I came to hear you in Columbia and look forward to seeing you again at the end of the tour in St. Louis. You are just fabulous.

  4. Dan Orlikowski says:

    Denver does NOT know what they missed!! Don’t know why they didn’t publicize it more and on top of that,it was the end of a holiday weekend and it looked like everyone in Denver was already in bed.Too bad. There’s a lot of this type of music in and around the Denver area and it would have been well received. I’d never heard of the ” Hi Dive” before and I never would have known about it had I not known Dennis but it was an awesome show and it was great to meet you all. Hope to see you the next time I’m in West Plains.

    Dan Orlikowski

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