Page 8 of you know what!

Page 8:  Idaho, Oregon, Washington


Played the Modern Hotel in Boise last night. A delightful experience from beginning to end. Sweet hospitality, great sound and a backed house. The whole thing took place in a small outdoor courtyard of the vintage Travelodge-turned-turned boutique hotel, and the audience count was well over 100. People were standing on the upstairs balcony, kids were dancing, food and wine poured forth freely and we played until the weather drove us indoors.. Then went to dinner at the Cottonwood Grill with an old friend from high school and her family and talked about little progressive Boise huddled in the middle of an extremely conservative Idaho. Heard a fairly well substantiated rumor that Idaho’s handpicked upper crust flunky governor has Alzheimer’s disease. Nobody was celebrating, to their credit, but the mood was that in terms of effectiveness, it may take people a while to notice.

Folks at the Modern warmly invited us to come back soon, and we slept well in the elegantly spare rooms. They’ll be well up in the running for best of tour.

Headed out to cross a corner of Oregon and on through Washington to the coast. So far, on the way we’d passed through more high lonesome Idaho prairie, into the lush forests, high green mountains, intermittent rain and about an hour of steep up hills and down in a snowstorm as we crossed the Blue Mountains and Mount Emily in Oregon. Much greener here, and we’ve dropped about 2,000 feet in altitude so we can all breathe better. Stopped in Pendleton at a place called “Rooster’s” for a hot lunch. Since we started at 7 and gained an hour when we passed into the Pacific time zone, we had our brunch at 10:3- a.m. local time. Great food, good service and on our way. Just crossed the Columbia River into the high desert of eastern Washington, where I haven’t been since we left in February of 1955, headed for Montana. Another high flight down memory lane for me. Dennis and Bo got some wonderful shots of a nesting Bullock’s Oriole just before we hit the snow belt, but haven’t seen any other new birds for a while. We expect things to pick up as we near the inland farming areas and then the coast.


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4 Responses to Page 8 of you know what!

  1. Marideth, thanks for taking us all along on your adventure. Your words make the landscape come alive, and to see a performance from your side is really fascinating.
    Those lucky folks in the audience are in for a real treat….that I know from the fantastic CD of your music. I listen to it often and admit to singing along to your rousing “Further Along” (be thankful you’re not here to hear it!). Stay well, and enjoy the ride!
    Judith Eastburn

  2. Connie Chambers says:

    Marideth, I’m so disappointed (and annoyed) that I missed your performance at the Modern in Boise. I found out about it completely accidentally and circuitously, just as I was on my way out of town. The last time I checked the tour schedule, Boise wasn’t listed. Anyway, I’m so pleased you had a great time and such a great turnout. Boise definitely has its moments. Any chance you’ll be coming back… I’ll have to find out where the Modern advertises. Obviously, somebody knew about it.

  3. eb Blevins says:

    Love to read about your adventures and trying to keep track of you guys.
    Don’t get too tired. Keep up the spirits. Keep us posted…We loved your show in Salt Lake City and the dinner was really nice…We were so glad to gert to SLC for the show and to able to visit with Sarah a bit..Take care…eb

  4. Carol Clivio says:

    HI Marideth. I’m following you. What a wonderful and exciting thing you guys are doing. Yesterday I spent a long time looking at all of Dennis Crider’s photos. So beautiful. The birds. (We have a friendly road runner.) Anyway. Hello.

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