This From Phoenix New Times Music

… “The soundtrack has earned nearly as much acclaim as the film, suggesting there’s a wider audience for the traditional folk sounds the group created. Sisco and friends decided it would be a good idea to take “the band” on tour, unofficially dubbing the whole thing “The Amazing Geriatric Hillbilly Tour.”…”

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3 Responses to This From Phoenix New Times Music

  1. will says:

    great interview and article

  2. kwoodrell says:

    What a complete misrepresentation of Daniel Woodrell’s novel and his own artistic spirit is expressed by Marideth. His “tenderness” and generosity is what got her into this project and her churlish comments about him are truly indicative of her prima donna nature. His art and tenderness to “these people” is an outgrowth of his family living in these parts since 1838. And Marideth knows full well that the film is very closely modeled on the novel, and that the novel is a deeper expression of regard for “these people” than has been made in a long, long time. So nice to see someone insult the very person who opened the door to them—and under such false and spurious claims.

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