Studio Time Ahead

I’ve spent the day stumbling, but stumbling productively, back at work on vetting songs for the next album.

Somewhere in the middle, I got confirmation on studio dates. We’ll be settling in with old friend Nick Sibley at his studio in Springfield, Mo. on April 7, with plans to be hanging around until about the 16th, tunefully productive. At least that’s the theory. But only if we have things solidly together as we go in. As the sister of a long-time pal once cross-stitched into a sampler, “All things cometh to she who waiteth, as long as she worketh like hell while she waiteth”.

Or as I reminded Jonathan earlier today, remember what the Buddhist monk said. “Before Oscars, chop wood and carry water. After Oscars, chop wood and carry water.”  … or was that Enlightenment. Oh, well…

Anyway, we’ll hit the studio with instruments in tune, voices well-oiled (ew … that didn’t quite create the image I intended) and with some REALLY good music in hand, and it’ll be ready for you right before we start out on tour. By the way — Don’t cancel any vacations or heart surgery on account of those tour dates we posted. They’re not set in stone. We’re trying to work some things around so people in the band who have previous commitments won’t have to cancel things other people are counting on. So just know we’ll be out there in early to mid-summer, ready to bring the music and musicians of the Ozarks to your neighborhood. And keep those suggestions coming of places to play. We’re trying to work them in as we can. And don’t touch that dial.  We’ll be back.


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