Off to California

I’m meeting myself coming and going, trying to get ready for the trip to the coast. And I must correct a small miscommunication. As of now, I DO  NOT have a ticket to the Oscars. I have an invitation to join the crew out there as they get ready for the show, and schmooze around some at the various doings, of which I know almost nothing. I’ve never done this before, you see. Anyway, a ticket to the actual red carpet event may materialize, but so far there’s no word of it. I don’t care. I’m taking the train to L.A., hanging out with old friends, joining the crew for a bit, celebrating the continuing good fortune of this little indy flick, and taking the train home. On the way there and back I plan to read, work at the computer and look at America going by. I may break into a Paul Simon song at odd moments. And I’ll be writing to you along the way.


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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14 Responses to Off to California

  1. Marcy Weinbeck says:

    Ooohhh, the train trip almost sounds better than the Oscar hoopla! What a great way to travel, see the country, maybe meet nifty folks, have reading/thinking/quiet time … gee, does that sound like an actual vacation!??!! Have a smashing time, Marideth, and thanks again for sharing this wonderous time of your life with all us stay-at-home watchers!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Trip was delightful and I’m hoping the return will be also. But it was just as good to be done with it, and I expect that will be a repeat also. The absolute best was being here, watching the folks I have gotten so close with go through their delights and disappointments, and enjoying the downtime to just appreciate the land here. With all its industry and overpopulation, it is still a paradise, and I’m here at the best time of the year, when the rains come and everything is green, even the parts that will be desert later. I think I won’t be through talking about this for quite a while.

  2. Margaret Underwood says:

    This sounds better to me than all the hoopla! I love trains and quiet time, but if you do get on the red carpet or whatever…then you could be quiet and restful after that…whatever works, Marideth. I hope so much you and your band will come to NC whenever.

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      We’re working on that, Margaret. I’ll meet with our booking agent on Thursday and try to get more of a lock on the schedule. We’re all senior citizens, after all, and we need to stretch this out enough so we can get some rest, and maybe play some smaller venues in between. I’ll keep y’all posted as things progress. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

  3. will says:

    have a great time and enjoy the train trip

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Thanks. Good luck on your heart stuff. They can do amazing things, as you can see from the fact I’m still walking around.

  4. Anthony Evans says:

    You go, Girl! Enjoy it all!

  5. Rose Scarlet says:

    Hey Marideth! I hope you have the time of your life! I wish I were going too, but I’m sure you know that all of us here will be with you in spirit and cheering you on. Wave to us at the Watch Party when you’re on camera…

    Have fun!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      I guess I was on camera at the Spirit awards a couple times, but I didn’t know it. I felt so proud that the watch party folks were right there with us. It meant a lot to all of us. We kept getting updates through the evening from Sarah.

  6. Pam Blair says:

    Do you have plans to bring your band to Los Angeles? –or even to Ojai …I suspect you would love Ojai –away from the crazy drivers in L.A. and a great place for a concert. I’ll even bet a local farmer would host a concert! __Pam Blair

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      The agent says we’ll do and LA date sometime this summer. We’re still working out the details. Check back with the Blackberry Winter site next week for an update.

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      I do love Ojai. I used to live out here a while, and I remember it well.

  7. Anne Mai, Sweden says:

    All the best from Stockholm… Sweden… Europe !!

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