NPR on Winter’s Bone this morning

… “67 years old and I’m in  a brand new career” … states Marideth Sisco in the interview by Missy Shelton on NPR this morning.

Four time Oscar nomination movie Winter’s Bone continues to gain momentum in the Ozarks and worldwide. CD sales continue to grow through Amazon.

Seven hundred thousand dollars of the two million dollar budget (that is approximately 1/3 of the overall budget) was spent locally on food, supplies, equipment and wages to local actors.

Hear this mornings NPR interview with Marideth and other participants.


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2 Responses to NPR on Winter’s Bone this morning

  1. hosier1 says:

    I know you are feeling like you are living in a dream, Marideth…and I feel like I am too. I am so very happy the way this is going.


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