Interview and film review from Chris Mateer, No Depression, The Roots Music Authority

Wow! This turned out well. An interview by Chris Mateer on No Depression, The Roots Music Authority.

… “The Winter’s Bone album is a starker and earthier companion to O Brother Where Art Thou?, which is often seen as the holy grail of soundtracks filled with traditional American music. What O Brother did for bluegrass, Winter’s Bone should do for the music of the Ozarks- bring it to a wider audience that will be receptive and appreciative, and in my mind- listeners who are just waiting for it, even if they do not yet know it” … read more

… “The brilliant soundtrack album, delivers an outsider’s glimpse into the Ozarks of Winter’s Bone, and offers a wide variety of stark, subtle, uplifting, and deeply heartfelt traditional music from this rich, rural region. The collection harks back to a rich history of yesteryear, while playing as a score of inspirational tunes that we all can cherish” …

… “What is your most memorable experience regarding your involvement with Winter’s Bone?

MS: It would have to be when I saw the finished film for the first time at Sundance. Before then, in my mind it was this little hometown indie film that might have some merit. I was completely blown away by the sheer magnitude of its authenticity. Try as I might, I could not find a single frame of the film that did not depict the depths of this hardscrabble land absolutely accurately. This film does not, nor does it pretend to, depict all of the Ozarks. But it got this slice of the culture dead on” … read the full interview and film review from Chris Mateer.

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